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Antique China Appraisal

Antique China Appraisal, appraising antique china to determine value of antique china.

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If you have antique china that you would like help establishing the value of we can help you. We have years of experience and are very passionate about what we do day in and day out. For professional appraisals on fine antique china contact Gannon’s Antiques and Art. We can help you in person or through online resources. Let us use our experience and resources for you to get the most accurate professional china appraisals possible.

The value of your antique china is determined primarily from it’s age, the maker, and condition. The age of the antique china is by far more difficult to accurately pin point. The antique appraiser with a wealth of experience will be familiar with hallmarks and patterns. These will help determine the antique china’s age. Over time the hallmarks and patterns will tend to vary slightly. This will give the antique appraiser clues to the age.
Also, knowledge of some import/export law will enable an antique china appraiser to determine age. The United States began requiring countries of origin to be marked on all china imported into this country after 1890. When appraising antique English china it is helpful to know that the term “Trademark” was used after 1855 and that “LTD” was used after 1880. Also, the phrase “Made in England” is found after 1914. Many companies made china. Some took more care, had better craftsmen, and had better materials than others. The quality of the china will affect the antique appraisal value. The relative quality of the painted decoration should be analyzed. Also, the fineness of the materials used will be a factor in the appraisal value. Some manufacturers of antique china are better known than others and more sought after. There is brand name appeal such as Meissen, Haviland, Royal Worcester, etc. The more desirable the brand name, the higher the value.

Condition is important when deciding the antique china value. Any chips, cracks, breaks, repairs or other noticeable damage greatly devalue the antique china. Most damage is obvious and would decrease the value of antique china. Antique china can also lose value from crazing which is the crackling of the glaze as it ages. A good repair job may go unnoticed to the untrained eye. A trained antique appraiser will notice repairs, surface ware, and other issues most others would not. Antique china appraisals also take into consideration what has sold that is
similar to the antique china being appraised.

The antique appraiser will search recent records from auction houses to see where antique china has been sold and for how much. Knowing what antique china has sold for recently is vital in creating an accurate antique china appraisal. This will require the antique china appraiser to be very familiar with antique china patterns. The patterns of antique china will help identify where the antique china came from and how rare it is. Using the antique china patterns the antique appraiser will compare sold china to the china being appraised to help develop a current antique china value.

Gannon’s expert antique appraisers will give you a professional assessment of the antique china’s value.

Here’s antique china appraisal from Ursula.

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